Experience a fun, engaging, and effective learning experience that provides practical tools for both employees and managers to boost their own engagement and create an engaged culture.

Managers and Engagement

DecisionWise provides industry-leading expertise in employee engagement through leadership training, surveys, and action planning.

Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training is an interactive workshop designed to increase engagement by helping participants understand where they find MAGIC (Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection) in their roles, as well as how to gain that MAGIC when it is missing. Team members learn that engagement is a 50/50 proposition—the organization creates an environment in which employees can choose to engage, but it’s up to the employee to choose to engage.



By gathering and analyzing over two decades of employee engagement survey responses and numerous psychological studies, we distilled the five basic keys of employee engagement into meaning, autonomy, growth, impact, and connection, (i.e., M-A-G-I-C). Since we are all different, each of these keys plays a unique role in how engaged we are in our work (and life). The Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC®Training will train managers to leverage the five MAGIC keys to boost their own engagement and engage their teams to achieve greater results.

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What is Your Current Level of Engagement in Your Job?

Before the workshop, each participant completes the online Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® self-assessment. This tool consists of 35 items that measures the overall level of engagement and satisfaction an individual experiences in his or her job, plus the five MAGIC keys that drive engagement. The self-assessment provides a new level of insight into what really matters to an employee and causes them to be engaged. The results are used during the workshop to help individuals create their own employee engagement action plan.

The Learning Experience

This one-day interactive workshop is designed to increase engagement by helping participants understand where they find their passion, meaning, and drive and apply it to their jobs. The results from their Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® self-assessment are provided during the session and are used to help create a personal engagement action plan. Learning activities, games, and videos help participants internalize each concept while allowing time to discuss and debate ideas in small groups. Finally, managers are provided practical ideas and activities to use with their own employees to boost engagement including how to conduct a one-on-one engagement interview with their employees.

MAGIC Package 2020 v3


Part 1: Engagement 101

  • Definition of satisfaction and engagement
  • What does a good day look like for you?
  • What is your current level of engagement? (Review self-assessment results)
  • Who owns engagement?
  • Why engagement matters

Part 2: The 5 MAGIC Keys of Employee Engagement

  • Meaning: Does your job inspire you?
  • Autonomy: Do you fully use your talents and abilities in your current position?
  • Growth: Do you regularly feel challenged and stretched?
  • Impact: Do you leave work each day feeling like you accomplished something worthwhile?
  • Connection: Do you feel like you are an integral part of your organization?

Part 3: How to Grow Engagement

  • How to inhibit employee engagement (what not to do)
  • Helping employees take ownership for their engagement
  • How to conduct an employee engagement interview
  • Creating your own employee engagement action plan
  • Creating a team employee engagement action plan

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for all employees and leaders in an organization, from front-line supervisors to the CEO, as well as HR professionals who want to become experts in creating a culture of engagement. The non-manager version is designed to engage employees in their jobs. The manager version helps leaders become more engaged, and trains them on how to engage others.

Delivery Options

The Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training is offered in a variety of customizable formats that meet the needs of any organization or team:

  • Open-enrollment course: 1 day
  • In-house training: 1 day

Delivery Options

Participants leave the workshop inspired, engaged, and anxious to share what they have learned with their teams. In addition to learning about the keys of engagement, participants will:

  • Take responsibility for their own engagement
  • Be able to conduct engagement interviews with their employees
  • Understand what enables and hinders engagement
  • Know what motivates employees to perform at their best

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