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Finding Meaning at Work

Does Your Job Have Meaning Beyond the Work Itself?   When was the last time you felt that the work you were doing had meaning or was about more than just making money? Have you ever done something that filled you so completely that you could work nonstop for hours without realizing it?   If you…

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Does Paying to Freeze Eggs Increase Employee Engagement?

Last year, I wrote a blog post regarding the “perks arms race” happening in Silicon Valley. The latest weapon in this race was announced last month by Apple and Facebook – egg freezing for female employees. This move just took perks to a whole new level of personal. Not only can you take care of…

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Employee Satisfaction is a Prerequisite to Employee Engagement

Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory states job satisfaction is influenced by two factors: motivation factors and basic “hygiene factors.” Motivation factors include challenging work, recognition, and responsibility. Hygiene factors consist of pay and benefits, supervision, working conditions, and job security (among others). Herzberg suggests that while the presence of hygiene factors does not create motivation, the…

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