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Attend the 2015 ATD Conference and Experience Engagement MAGICĀ®
in Orlando.

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL,

May 20, 2015 8:15-9:30 am

Join DecisionWise at the 2015 ATD Conference and Exposition in Orlando.


Learn Tomorrow's Training & Development Trends Today! The ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition brings the training and development industry to life. Each aspect of the industry is covered for every level of practitioner, from CEO to specialist, from dean to student.

At ATD 2015, join more than 10,500 of your learning colleagues from around the globe in Orlando, FL., May 17-20, 2015, to share best practices and insights. You'll learn current and future trends, and find out how to apply them on the job to get results. You'll learn from world-renowned thought leaders, and industry luminaries. ATD 2015 will provide the tools and resources necessary to move you and your organization forward.

MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

Based on the book by the same name, author and DecisionWise Consultant, Dr. Paul Warner, reveals how to leverage the keys of Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection (MAGIC) to increase the level of engagement we experience in our jobs. Employees and leaders intuitively know that when we find a place where we can throw ourselves into our work, we are happier, healthier, and produce better results. Yet, most struggle to understand exactly why we engage in some environments, and don't in others. This presentation introduces the five keys of employee engagement and shows how trainers and leaders can help employees achieve higher levels of engagement, as well as how employees can take ownership for their own engagement.

This presentation uses case studies, psychological research, and survey data based on over 14 million employee survey responses across 70 countries to change the way we think about work. The presenter provides actionable advice that will reduce employee attrition, encourage initiative, drive growth and profit, and increase personal engagement in one's work.

Presentation Details:

Session W109 - MAGIC: 5 Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement
Wed, May 20 | 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM | W205ABC